Mechanical Engineering Drawings

mechanical-engineering-drawingsMechanical 3D Modelling offers quality 3d engineering drawings, 2d 3d drafting services and mechanical cad drawings services with high accuracy to across the globe.

Drawing and drafts holds a high significance in the sector of mechanical engineering. This branch of engineering largely deals with designing and manufacturing. However, manufacturing and designing are two different trades.

A product or a machine part is first of all designed and then forwarded for manufacturing. The design is expressed or portrayed through the engineering drawing or Mechanical engineering drawing. It is a technical drawing which has all the necessary details like geometry and dimensions of the product in different views. It eventually helps the manufacturer visualize the product and manufacture it accordingly.

The basic parts of Mechanical Engineering Drawings can be listed as:

  • Geometry which refers to the shape of the object and it is represented as views
  • Dimensions which refer to the size of the object are captured in accepted units
  • Tolerances which refers to the variations that can be allowed for each dimension
  • Material which represents what the item is made of
  • Finish which specifies the surface quality of the item, functional or cosmetic

Mechanical Engineering Drawings are nowhere related to artistic drawings and to develop the same, highly qualified professionals must be hired. There are various kinds of Mechanical engineering drawings which are being used by designers and manufacturers:

  • General Arrangement Drawings which portrays overall views of the product or machine part and supply all the data to aid transportation, layout and installation drawings
  • Arrangement Drawings which represent self contained units that are further used to make up the system which was drawn on the general arrangement drawing
  • Assembly Drawings which are also known as sub-assembly drawings provides necessary details about how the products are going to fit together
  • Detail Drawings contain all the required information which enable procurement, manufacturing. Moreover, it should also identify all of the relevant codes and standards
  • Fabrication Drawings consists of the material parts list identifying all of the materials which will be used to build up the fabrication

No risk must be taken while preparing mechanical engineering drawings as any error in the design is propagated and multiplied which threatens the safety of product and operator.

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